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Care Advice

Woolen Rugs

We recommend regular maintenance. Thorough vacuum cleaning on low power and without a beater brush. Rotate the rug occasionally, so that it will wear evenly over the whole surface. We recommend to use a rug underlay.

Cleaning instructions

Our rug should be cleaned by a professional cleaner by flatwash or dry clean. You should never machine wash the carpet.

Stain treatments

If the carpet is stained, act immediately, most often the stain can be removed. Do as follows:
  1. If you have dropped liquid on the carpet (wine, coffee, milk etc.) try to soak up the liquid by using a kitchen towel or toilet paper or both from both sides of the rug. Don’t rub. If you have dropped food on your rug use a spoon to remove as much as possible from the rug.
  2. Mix luke warm water with mild detergent like shampoo 1 to 1. Dip a white cloth into the mix and damp the stain. Don’t rub. Repeat if necessary.
  3. Use a white cloth to dry the spot.
  4. Make a new mix of luke warm water and hair conditioner.
  5. Dip a white cloth into the new mix and damp the stain. Then use a dry cloth on the same spot. Repeat this process 3-5 times.
  6. Finally dry the area that has been stained with a white cloth or toilet paper or both.
  7. Hopefully the stain should be removed by now. If not it, you would need to leave the carpet to a professional cleaner.

Jute rugs

Jute is a natural fiber that should not be washed in water or exposed to excess moisture. Vacuum regularly on low power without beater brush. In case of spills soak up the liquid immediately by using a kitchen towel or a white cloth. Do not rub, dab the stained areas using a damp cloth. Make sure to dry the rug completely before spreading it again to prevent mould on the carpet.

Indoor/Outdoor rugs

For outdoor use simply rinse with water using a garden hose. Keep the rug stored indoors during severe weather conditions. For indoor use vacuum regularly and rotate periodically. In the event of spills on the rug dab the affected area (don´t rub) with a soft cotton cloth. To remove dirt spots, use a solution of mild soap and water.

Bamboo Silk Rugs

Avoid dragging furniture on the rug and rotate the rug occasionally so that it wears evenly. Vacuum cleaning is the easiest and most environment-friendly method of cleaning. Vacuum regularly to remove dust and dirt. Vacuum on very low power and without a beater brush. We recommend using a rug underlay and furniture pads under table-legs and couch-legs.

To remove a wet stain, try soaking it up with a clean, white cotton cloth, do not rub. If the stain is not removed, contact a professional carpet cleaner. Do not use chemicals or liquid to remove stains. For cleaning, use a well-renowned professional carpet cleaner.

Hand Printed Linen Cushion Covers

Hand wash only, iron at medium temperature. Do not dry clean.

Hand Embroidered Cushion Covers

Dry clean only.

Velvet Cushion Covers

Dry clean only.

Indoor/Outdoor Cushions

Spot clean with a damp white cloth. Shake off excess water, thereafter air dry. When not in use keep in dry place. Avoid prolonged exposure to rain/moisture.

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