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Dining room rugs

Our range of flatwoven rugs or dhurries as they are also known as are highly suitable for the dining room. A rug under the dining table adds to the atmosphere and protects the floors from the spills that are bound to happen. Woolen rugs are a perfect choice in areas of high usage and chances of spill. Wool is a natural, renewable material that is dirt resistant. If you immediately take up the spill by dabbing the affected area it usually works. Wool has natural fats which means that the fiber does not absorb dirt and spills easily. For more details on how to look after your carpet and prolong its life take a look at our care advice.

With a flat woven rug you can place heavy furniture (like the dinner table) and easily draw the chairs without damaging the rug or leaving marks on it. Choose a large rug so that the chairs are on the rug and remain on the rug even when they are drawn out. A common size for rugs under the dining table is 250 x 350 cm. For more details refer to our rug guide.

Plain rugs or rugs with a discreet pattern like our Diamond design are the preferred choice. Colours like beige, yellow, blue and grey work in most dining rooms.
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