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Living room rugs

The living room is an important part of the home and the rug you choose will set the tone. We have a large collection of living rooms rugs to choose from depending on how you use this central space in your home. If your living room is a space for the family to gather and have a relaxed time you may want to choose a rug that adds a cosy feeling to the room in addition to dampening the sound. If your living room is a sophisticated space meant for me/us time then you would want a rug that makes a personal statement for you.

The colour of the rug should complement

In addition to woollen rugs we offer a range of hand woven bamboo silk rugs that can add to the luxury feeling in the room. The colour of the rug should complement the other decorative elements in the room. If you want a rug that does not make a statement then choose from our range of plain rugs but if your living room has more neutral tones you make like to add a click of colour with our colourful rugs. Irrespective of the type of rug you choose, invest in a good quality rug that you will keep for a long time.

If you are unsure as to which rug will suit your room you can always order a rug sample that is in the size 30 x 30 cm as a test at home before ordering the rug. If the sizes we offer do not match your room we can even weave one specially for you, just send us an email.
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