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Art deco cushion covers

Our art deco inspired cushions combine modern styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials. These cushion covers represent the feeling of luxury, glamour and exuberance. We work with fine materials like velvet and linen. Hand printed and intricately embroidered cushion covers make a statement. Timeless and stylish, each cushion cover is unique.

Art deco inspired cushion is an easy accessory

If you are looking at changing or updating your deco an art deco inspired cushion is an easy accessory to add onto your existing interiors. The vibrant colours of green, orange and rust add to the mood of the room. Available in both the square and rectangular format and suitable in the living room, library or the bedroom.

Mix and match the art deco inspired cushion covers with our collection of plain cushions. A number of woolen rugs in our collection of modern rugs compliment this style. Complete the look with both cushion and rugs in your spaces
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Aqua Beige Blue Brown Green Lilac Orange Rose Rust Taupe Terracotta White Yellow
40 x 60 50 x 50
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