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Bohemian rugs

For those of us who want a home full of life, culture or interesting objects that become a part of the conversation our range of Bohemian rugs offers just that element you need. We have a range of colourful rugs that brings forward the free-spirited style in you.

We love to work with colours, textures and patterns in our rugs to give you that very personal feel. Bring together the elements in your room with colours like orange, green or red. Both rugs and cushions are a great way to add colour and texture to your space.

All our rugs are handmade in natural materials that are ethically sourced. Each rug has a story to tell and speaks of the maker's hand. We are very proud to collaborate with our team of skilled weavers in India who have been weaving rugs in genuine handicraft techniques for generations. Through our project with traceable rugs we now offer a transparent production line which includes both the natural and human element.
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