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Wool rugs

With a rug you can easily transform the look and mood of a room. A large area rug will add warmth to the space and bring together all the elements in the room. At Chhatwal & Jonsson we work with skilled weavers to offer a variety of handmade woollen rugs that offer beauty and comfort to your home. We use traditional looms and techniques to produce a variety of rugs – Flat Woven, Shaggy and handtufted.

We like wool for its unique properties that include being 100% natural, durable and dirt resistant. In our sustainable way of working wool is the only recyclable and renewable material that is best suited for rugs. No wonder this is the material our ancestors chose when weaving rugs. We have taken that tradition forward and use traditional looms and methods when weaving our rugs. With Traceable rugs we showcase and celebrate the possibility to have a transparent production like that to ensure a sustainable production process.

You will find a large variety of colours in our woolen rugs like Beige, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and Rust to name a few. The sizes vary too from 170 x 240 cm to 200 x 300 cm and 250 x 350 cm and we can specially weave a carpet in the size of your choice if you so desire. Just send us an email.
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170 x 240 177 x 239 177 x 266 180 x 270 180 x 272 184 x 280 200 x 300 213 x 296 230 x 320 230 x 336 234 x 323 249 x 342 250 x 350 60 x 90 80 x 250
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