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Shaggy rugs

The tradition of decorating with woollen shaggy rugs is ancient. The soft natural pile brings us closer to nature within our home. You can choose from a range of patterned, Bohemian or plain shaggy rugs in our assortment. Any rug that has a pile could be called a shaggy rug, depending on the technique used to weave the rug it could have a looser pile as in our Misti Rug or a tight pile as in our Nari Rug. The length of the pile is also a design element. In our rug Berber Ayur the pile is long and tight whereas in our rug Veda we play with the height of the pile to give the pattern to the rug.

A foundation to any room

The rugs are a beautiful foundation to any room, whether it’s in the countryside or in the city. Choose a colour, pattern and style that will beautifully compliment other natural materials such as wood, stone and concrete on your floor. When choosing a rug for the bedroom rugs look for comfort under your feet and in the living room rugs look for style. Choose a large generous rug so the furniture can be placed on the rug. We have larger rugs in stock in the size 230 x 320 cm and 250 x 350 cm. If our standard sizes do not work for you just send us an email and we will weave one specially for you.

Shedding is a natural process in woollen rugs with a pile. The amount of shedding would vary depending on how loose and long the pile is. Regularly vacuum clean your rug on a gentle programme without a beater brush to keep the pile fluffy and fresh. The shedding will reduce over time. Take a look at our care advice on how to look after your carpet and prolong its life.
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