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Traceable rugs

Our Traceable Rugs are hand woven in fine wool from New Zealand. We track and measure every step in the production of our Traceable Rugs. It is a complex supply chain that now is transparent. It is only with transparency that we can produce in a more conscious and sustainable way. At Chhatwal & Jonsson we offer you the possibility to make an informed decision about the rug you are buying.

All our Traceable Rugs are handwoven on traditional looms. 80 % of the carpet is made of certified wool from New Zealand. The farming in New Zealand is of high quality and the wellbeing of the sheep is an essential part of this. The cotton warp we use (20 % of the material used) is of BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative).

The combing, spinning, twisting and dying is done in certified units that take into consideration human and environmental aspects. The energy is green energy (hydro generated), water is recycled and purified. All chemicals that are used are of highest quality and REACH compliant (Swedish Chemical Inspection and EU use this quality standard).

Timeless Design

Our creative director, Stig Jonsson has an ambition to create timeless design that represents the Scandinavian sense of aesthetics and the Indian Handicraft. Our designs are meant to last and withstand the passage of time and trends. The rugs are available in a number of sizes as well as oversize rugs. We can also weave a bespoke size rug especially for you. Send us an email for more details.

Taking care of your carpet is important to prolong its life. Vacuum cleaning on low power and without a beater brush is the best and easiest way of maintaining your carpet. Occasionally rotate the carpet so it will wear evenly over the whole surface. We recommend the use of a rug underlay to increase the comfort.

As our Traceable Rugs are made of 100 % natural material they are 100% recyclable and will never cause any harm to nature when it finally is laid to rest.
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