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Five questions to Frida Lundgren

Frida Lundgren (@froken.frida) is a Swedish influencer from Northern Sweden who connects us to the Scandinavian beauty in everyday life. Here are 5 questions we asked Frida.

What according to you are trends we will see this spring in interiors?

I think we will continue to see more of the earthy colours with some pastels like blue, lilac and orange. Then I believe that the choice of materials is also important, natural materials that age beautifully like linen, wool and wood would be the preference.

How would you describe your style/decorating philosophy?

When my husband and I moved into our new home we brought with us old furniture from both our family homes. We thought this eclectic and personal mix with folkloristic pieces and solid teak would be replaced by more uniformed furniture. 12 years later it all still stands here with more pieces that we have found on flea markets! I love textiles and that is what can make a difference in the room. I like to decorate my home in earthy and burnt tones and have done so since my first apartment.

What colours and materials would you like to see in your home this spring/summer?

Trends come and trends go! You will always see wool and linen dominate the textile choices in my home, summer and winter. However, yellow usually crawls out of its hiding places at the same time as Västerbotten breathes spring.

What are your tips to re-decorate for the new season using both old and new textiles?

That doesn’t have to be a project at all. A couple of cushions can give your sofa a new life! A sustainable tip from me is to take care of your textiles - shake the wool rugs in dry snow and air the pillows on cold winter nights. I then move them to a new room, giving a renewed look without having to spend a whole lot of money!

To mix and match styles, colours and designs often creates a personal space. Do you have any favourite combinations when it comes to colours and patterns?

Terracotta and mustard yellow together with the colour blue I think are so amazingly beautiful! I like to dress in those colour combinations, but maybe this spring you might see these colours in my home?

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