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An eye for details - Hannes Mauritzson

Hannes is a Swedish content creator and has a popular Instagram account @hannesmauritzson. We are curious about his home décor and how he creates beautiful spaces.

What is the feeling one gets when we step into your home?

I would want you to feel welcome, warm, and appreciated when you come home to me. You should feel relaxed sliding onto the sofa or just pull up a chair by the dining table without asking me, it’s the room that beckons you. It’s also nice when someone comes into my home and comments on the cushions, a painting, or a new table lamp – it just reinforces my feeling that it’s all in the details.

How can one create a “personal home”?

A personal home for me is a mix of new and old, something borrowed and something blue – basically a lively mix of old and new. I want the home atmosphere to be dynamic, things can be and should be moved around easily. My partner often jokes about things being in a different place each time he comes home from work. One never gets bored, and the home feels alive. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, there is no right or wrong, it’s your home so be playful and dare to change.

What role do textiles play when you are decorating?

Textiles are everything to me – it is “the” element when decorating, it’s the silver lining in the home. It’s textiles that make the difference and make it personal. It’s also the easiest way to do a makeover depending on the season or if you just feel like moving things around.

You are great at mixing colours and patterns, what is your source of inspiration?

I am inspired by other content creators on Instagram and also when I visit other people’s homes. In all the homes I have visited one can identify who lives there by their style of decorating and what elements make these homes warm and personal. When it comes to colours and patterns I work through my mood and emotions. I believe in my inner compass to lead me in life and in my home, if it’s not right I just feel it.

Lastly, what mistakes have you learnt from?

My biggest mistake was to decorate my previous home exactly like other content creators and influencers. The problem with that is that one misses out on what feels right for you and above all how you use your home. Corners and quirky details of the home will always need a personal touch – the human touch. When I have not worked with my personal taste and style I just do not feel at home or satisfied.

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