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Five questions to Camilla Larsson

Camilla is an interior decorator who is passionate about creating personal interiors. Her Instagram account is @inasfina where she shows her vintage bargains and timeless pieces. We asked her five questions about how she creates a pleasant home by mixing old and new items.

How would you describe your style as an interior decorator?

On a personal level my style is maximalistic and welcoming. I love to mix styles and artifacts from different eras. I use a lot of art, textiles and lighting. I do not see many strict restrictions in what I do so I mix and match freely. I like the dynamics that this creates with the unexpected, playful and personal style.

At work when I decorate for my clients I am far more tuned into their needs and styles. Some of my clients love my personal style and want me to re-create that in their homes while others want something completely different or a combination.

And then there is the home staging I do for properties on sale. Here I am more conscious of the locality the property is located in. A staging project is seldom maximalistic so instead I work on the cosy and welcoming feeling to the home.

Where does one start when you want to make a change at home?

I would start with thinking through what it is I really want to achieve – less clutter, more storage, more social spaces or just a new style. Then start with Pinterest and Instagram as sources of inspiration – save what you like in folders. That way you know where you are headed and get some clarity. You could also create a mood board.

Any tips to create a personal and cosy feeling to your home?

Textiles and lighting are the key elements to create a cozy welcoming home. Rugs, cushions and curtains can really create the mood. We who live in the Nordics must also keep in mind that it is dark for more than half of the year and therefore lighting is so important. I switch on the ceiling lights only when I clean. All the other times I use lamps and spotlights so that no shadows are formed making the room look smaller (and darker!). For optimal lighting a room needs 5-10 sources of light that are placed at different levels.

You also want to create a harmonious feel in the whole house and that is where the choice of colours come in. I have a 60/30/10 rule – 60% is the colour tone on the walls, ceiling and floor, 30% is the furniture and rugs and 10% is what I call the accent colour tones. Choose 1-2 accent colours that you would have in your cushions, art and artifacts. So, if you have a larger piece of art on the wall try to match the cushions to that piece. A little splash of black always helps to accentuate your colour choices.

What mistakes should one avoid?

Do not be in a hurry to buy things to fill up your spaces. Let decorating be a process that takes time, live into the space and see how it feels. You do not have to buy everything new! Today you can easily find great stuff second-hand or at auction houses, these are both cheaper and more interesting. A vintage buy could also have greater value in the long run.

Another thing I have noticed in the home of my clients is that the paintings are hung very high up on the wall. By just moving them lower (more on the eye level) you can create a better harmony in the room.

What is your source of inspiration?

I find inspiration in everything that has beauty and spaces that have been consciously created with a unique atmosphere. I love it when I find a room, building or areas where time has stood still, it’s like these spaces have a soul.

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