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A Traceable rug

All steps in the making of our traceable rugs are certified. This means that each rug has a tracking number that tells us who, how and where the carpet is made. It is only through traceability that one can work in a sustainable and conscious way.


Responsible Wool and Cotton

Our traceable rugs are handwoven in certified wool from New Zealand, where quality of the wool and of the wellbeing of the sheep is guaranteed. The cotton warp is certified by Better Cotton Initiative, the largest cotton sustainability program in the world.

Conscious dyeing

The combing, twisting and dyeing of the wool are processes that are energy, water and chemical intensive. We are therefore working with certified units that work with green energy and the water used is re-cycled and purified. All the chemicals used are REACH complaint as per EU standards.


People are important for sustainable production. An independent auditing agency ensures good and regulated working conditions. This means that our weavers have benefits like pensions, health insurance, annual bonuses and paid leave to mention a few.

From nature back to nature

Taking care of your rug is important to prolong its life. Our traceable rugs are made of 100 % natural material and are 100% recyclable, they will never cause any harm to nature when it finally is laid to rest.

Quality control and certification

We work with skilled artisans using traditional and sustainable methods of production. We have our own team on the ground along the entire production process to ensure that our standards of production are followed.

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