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Flat woven rugs

We love flat woven woollen rugs also known as Dhurries. Stig Jonsson, founder and creative director was so impressed with the intelligent hands weaving dhurries that it was the first range of rugs he designed. Our team of weavers use traditional looms and methods that bring to life our designs on a large range of dhurries. A flatwoven rug is tightly woven and does not have a loose pile, this makes it extremely durable and long lasting.

We offer a range of plain and patterned rugs in addition to our range of Traceable RugsUna. Through our project with Traceable rugs we track every process in the production of the rug and offer transparency into our circular way of thinking.

The sizes of the rugs can vary depending on the type of loom we choose for the different patterns. The range of size starts from 80 x 250 cm to 230 x 320 cm. Runners in the size 80 x 250 cm are ideal entryway rugs or kitchen rugs while the size 170 x 240 cm would suit the home office best. Since all our rugs are handwoven in small cottage industries a 3% variation in size is acceptable.

Rugs suitable for floors with heating

Our flatwoven woollen rugs are highly suitable to floors with heating. It is very important to choose the right rug when you have floor heating. You would want to choose a woollen rug that is tightly woven with out shag and had a thickness of 10-15 mm. This ensures that the rug can breathe and allow the heating to come through without damaging the floor or the rug. Wool rugs are excellent rugs for underfloor heating, as they are heat resistant. Choose your rug underlay wisely, as some materials conduct heat poorly and therefore block heat.
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